July 19, 2024


This organization provides four programs, which consist of Networking, Educating, Awareness and Community Service.  Our Community Service program which is the most important based on relative time and resources.  The resources devoted to this program will be the resources obtained from the Food Box program and other programs that bring in Donations.
The Community Service program is conducted on the streets, under the bridges, at the homeless shelters within and outside our Community.  Also, in the Parks where you will find a number of  homeless and deprived people.  Volunteers are always welcome.
* We provide food, clothing and assistance to those in need, specifically to the homeless and others who suffer from not having the necessities to live normal healthy lives.
* We reach out to partner/collaborate with homeless shelters, churches, businesses and other non-profit organizations to accomplish our Mission.
* The recipients of our community service activities are men, woman and children of all ages and nationalities, who have a hard time keeping food on the table and clothes on their back.
Our Networking, Educating, Awareness programs consist of bringing folks together regardless of sex, race, creed, color, religion, ethnic origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of individual or group identity.  This melting pot is basically categorized to us as our future Leaders and Entrepreneurs.  We provide forums that allow an atmosphere of networking among each other.  This will offer people the opportunity to explore different opportunities and interests; and possibly obtain more self-esteem.
We will also provide an atmosphere of educating and awareness which consists of different art exhibits, cultural experiences, poetry readings, health tips, foods, etc.
Provide a Networking, Educating and Awareness forum for our future Leaders and Entrepreneurs.  Also, provide Community Service by offering Food, Clothing and Assistance to those in need.