October 16, 2018


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Atlanta Metro's best kept food secret has been revealed.
Its ONLY SociaL Food Box Program -
A variety of freshly frozen Meats, Seafood and Vegetables. 
By joining our Mailing List:
You will receive monthly updates about our community food services.
You receive nutritional foods at a very reasonable price.
You receive the convenience of spending less time in the grocery store, because we have done the shopping for you.
You will not have to purchase more food than you actually need to, in order to save money, our food portions are not sold in many grocery stores.
You have many options to choose from with our (4) Signature Food Boxes, and (4) Specialty Food Boxes, Cases of Meat and Seafood. 
By purchasing food from this Food Box Program  you will help Families, Friends, Churches and Communities. This will create jobs, help feed the hungry, and help raise money for your favorite Charity, School or Ministry. Your participation is valued. 
Our Location:
         5900 Maxham Road, #14, Austell, Ga. 30168  - (678)909-3825
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     Food Boxes must be ordered by 2nd. Sunday; for cash and credit card ordering Customers. 
           Food Boxes must be ordered by the 3rd. Sunday; for our EBT card Customers.
           Pickup / Delivery is the last Sunday for all Customers; except our Senior Communities and Churches.  
       Open: Sunday / Monday / Tuesday - 11am to 7pm