October 16, 2018



How long has Its ONLY SociaL, Inc. been in business?

 I.O.S began in January 2002.


Is there an application fee?



Can I pick up directly from the I.O.S facility?



Do you offer free deliver?



Do you accept credit cards?

 Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit and EBT cards.


How can you sell such a high quality of food at such a low cost?

• Direct from Major Food Suppliers and manufacturers

• Tax exempt status and Low overhead.

• Quantity sales


Who do you buy the food from?

• Sysco Foods Supply, Farmers Markets, Restaurant Depot

• US Foods Supply, other Food Suppliers.


How does the food come packaged?

• Pre-packaged and sealed I.O.S Box.


How long will the food stay frozen out of refrigeration?

• Approximately 5 hours


How do I order?

• Local Partner Church Sites

• Online ordering (website)

• For ordering deadlines, call or go online


Can I order more than one box at a time?

 Yes, there is no limit to the quantity of Food Boxes that you can order.


 When is the deadline to order? When is the pickup date?

• Food Boxes are distributed on the last Saturday of every month. 

• The last day to order is always the last Sunday of every month. 

• See our website for calendar dates.