April 15, 2024


Its ONLY SociaL was founded by Russell McCloud; a native New Yorker who migrated to Atlanta, Georgia the Summer of 1993, after receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University.
The beginnings of Its ONLY SociaL, dates back to the Spring/Summer of 2002.  During that time Russell McCloud did lots of BBQs/Cookouts and Events. He was not new to Entrepreneurship, after operating a successful financial business some years earlier.  Russell McCloud had a Calling - A Calling to help others who have a hard time helping themselves - A Calling to bring people together sharing Love and Respect - A Calling to give back to our Community and Society. So, Russell McCloud used those Entrepreneur skills founded earlier and started this Non-Profit Charity Organization called Its ONLY SociaL.
The name implies what the organization is all about, which is being Social. 
So, when you hear Its ONLY SociaL, you already know this organization is about a Calling of (love, respect, helping others, bringing people together and giving back).  Some of you have asked; Why spell the name this way?  The spelling catches the eye and curiosity, also serving as a unique signature for the Brand Its ONLY SociaL. 
In 2002, Russell McCloud decided to take the organization to Grant Park, and with the help of good friends, plates of food were sold to help raise money.  The remaining food was given to the homeless and hungry people who gathered or lived in the park.  This was a touching and memorable moment for Russell McCloud, and his whole world suddenly shifted - The blue print or architect for this Calling has finally been revealed. 
The organization needed a mission and legal structure before this Calling is realized.  Russell McCloud decided to test the theory behind the organization.  The theory was; If we have networking events, and offered educational and awareness activities.  Also, calling this a Fundraiser and providing community service by assisting the homeless, and others who are deprived - Would people come and participate?  
In 2003 - Its ONLY SociaL had three events, and all three proved the theory correct.  Yes, people will come, and the Mission Statement was written.
In 2004 - Russell McCloud took the legal steps to get this organization legally off the ground. This was the Non-Profit Incorporation, 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt status, Donors, Recipients, Members and Volunteers. This has been completed.     
Its ONLY SociaL is a Non-Profit Charity Organization with 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt status, which has scheduled Fundraising Events that produces Donors and Recipients.
The years that followed (2005 thru 2015) -  Russell McCloud continuously works full time jobs, helping to support his family and Its ONLY SociaL continue its Mission:  Providing a Networking, Educating and Awareness forum for our future Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Also, provide Community Service by offering food, clothing and assistance to those in need.  
Russell McCloud's philosophy is - Its ONLY SociaL can only lead by example and leave its footprint behind, for others to follow. 
In April of 2013 -  Its ONLY SociaL opened a Store Front/Office in Austell, Georgia and started the distribution of a Food Box Program.  Selling very affordable freshly frozen Meat, Fish and Vegetables packages.  The proceeds assist with the efforts to continuously feed the homeless and hungry.  We are now operating as a Community Food Service.
In December of 2013 -  Its ONLY SociaL became members of the USDA SNAP program, and now accepts EBT cards as payment for the Food Boxes via (walk-in/telephone).
In August of 2014 -  Its ONLY SociaL is now offering Meat and Fish by the cases at very affordable prices.
In January of 2015 -  Its ONLY SociaL has launched a new user friendly website that allows Donors/Customers to view the products as well as give feedback and purchase on-line.
In March of 2015 - Its ONLY SociaL has (5) services as Social Enterprises by offering Food Boxes, Cases of Meats and Fish, Catering, All-Inclusive Events, BBQ and Deep Fried Fish plates.  
In December of 2015 - Its ONLY SociaL has updated the Business Plan with real sales numbers from (2013 thru  2015). This resulted in a (2016) forecast of 200 Food Box sales per month at reduced prices. A customer saving of almost 50% or more.
In January of 2016 - Its ONLY SociaL is filing applications for Grant money. Also; seeking the assistance from local (churches and businesses) to help distribute the Food Boxes, so we can reach more people in the surrounding areas.
In January of 2018 - Its ONLY SociaL reduced the price of the food boxes making them much more affotrdable. 
In March of 2019 - Its ONLY SociaL - opened a new unit next door calling it (Its ONLY Social II) - This unit is utilized for fundraising by selling BBQ plates of food from its commercial outdoor Grill and organizing Events to help raise money. 
In August of 2019 - Its ONLY SoicaL - started providing free delivery of the Food Boxes.