April 15, 2024


Its ONLY SociaL offers people hope, a peace of mind and relaxation knowing we are here to help make a human life a more rewarding life to live.  This is accomplished by feeding the homeless and hungry by the masses.  We also provide a Food Box program with freshly frozen packaged Meats and Vegetables at affordable prices to people who are in all income brackets; or one check away from being homeless. 
Its ONLY SociaL - offers Meats and Fish daily by the cases at very affordable prices. (new)
Its ONLY SociaL - offers Organizations assistance to raise money via our Food Box programs. 
Its ONLY SociaL - offers the opportunity to become a Sponsor and receive a Tax Write-Off.
Its ONLY SociaL - offers people the opportunity to put their volunteer service skills to work
Its ONLY SociaL - offers people community service who are Court ordered.
We understand that everyone is not in a position to Sponsor, Volunteer, Partnership or Collaborate.  We can only hope that you see the benefits from our Charity.  Blessings are what we are giving and by far, that's the greatest benefit of all.